PhD, Computational Statistics, University of Sousse, Tunisia

Associate Professor

Before joining Rabat Business School, Foued Saâdaoui held diverse academic roles at the Departments of Statistics of King Abdulaziz University and Saudi Electronic University, as well as the Department of Mathematics at the University of Monastir. His extensive professional background underscores his expertise in Theoretical and Applied Statistics and Mathematics, with practical applications across domains such as Business and Engineering. Foued’s proficiency in statistical concepts, coupled with effective application, has led to valuable insights and advancements in data analysis, machine learning, and decision-making. Notably, he received special awards from the Saudi Electronic University in 2016 and from the Department of Statistics at King Abdulaziz University in 2023, recognizing his outstanding contributions to the field. His significant achievements involve the publication of over 80 articles in esteemed journals, disseminating valuable findings, and significantly influencing the advancement of statistical knowledge. Additionally, Foued has played a pivotal role in supervising numerous master and Ph.D. students, showcasing his commitment to mentoring the next generation of statisticians.