Executive Education

Rabat Business School offers rocket fast boost to your career trough there executive programmes that are well thought in the optic of being 100% in phase with companies needs in terms of competencies.

Check out our programmes portfolio.


The E-MBA (Executive Master of Business Administration) at Rabat Business School (RBS) is a high-level programme designed for experienced managers and graduates who wish to sharpen their skills in management and strategy.


Rabat Business School Alumni represent a strong network of more than 2000 graduate, operating in various sectors all over the world. 

By being part of this network, you will benefit from the support of all the members, and because they have been in your situation and have had your doubts, they will know how to coach you like no one else.

Corporate Relations

Whether it is for searching profiles for a job or an internship, providing training support, or many other areas of collaboration, Rabat Business School has a solid network of 100 large-scale companies operating in various business sectors.

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