Programme Grande École
"Master in Management"

The Big picture

Rabat Business School’s Programme Grande Ecole  (PGE) aims to train future managers, to help them acquire the professional and personal skills necessary to effectively manage an organisation and thus contribute to the creation of economic value in a context of “ a globalized economy.
Its pedagogy, based on the Anglo-Saxon model, alternates academic teaching and concrete experiences. Through its content, the PGE of Rabat Business School allows to acquire the essential management skills and those of an Accomplished Manager: to manage with efficiency and effectiveness the activities of the company with the vision of the generalist and the expertise of the specialist , create sustainable value for all parties, innovate, adapt to changing and turbulent environments, make cultural diversity a lever for excellence.

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Programme objectives

Rabat Business School Programme Grande Ecole is built around three levers:

  •  Tomorrow’s Junior Manager will necessarily have an INTERNATIONAL profile and be open to MULTICULTURALITY.
  • Tomorrow’s Junior Manager must be, upon leaving school, a “junior expert” in a key area of management to be immediately operational, efficient and credible in his role.
  •  Tomorrow’s Junior Manager will have to be a “relational leader”, experienced in the management of human diversity, to drive change within the organisation and promote the adaptation of the company to its environment.

Future perspectives

Finance & Accounting

  • Financial Analyst
  • Portfolio Manager in financial companies
  • Bank Branch Manager
  • Management control consultant
  • Internal auditor, etc.
Digital Marketing
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Market Manager
  • Group Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • New Product Manager, etc.
Supply Chain Management
  • Operational Manager
  • Purchasing Manager
  • Procurement Manager
  • Forecaster
  • ERP Project Manager
  • Transport Manager, etc.
Human Resources Management
  • HR Development Manager
  • Diversity Manager
  • Talent Manager
  • Human Capital Consultant
Doctoral Studies


  • Admission PGE 1st year (L3 Level):
    • Student Classes préparatoires ECT & ESC : Concours CNAEM
    • Student with BAC+2 in Management :
      • Step 1: Create an online application on the UIR CANDIDATURE BACHELIERS & ADMISSION SUR TITRE platform
      • Step 2: Fill in the personal & academic information’s
      • Step 3: Download documents related to the application
      • Step 4 : Set for the admission tests
  • Admission PGE 2nd year (M1 Level):
    • Step 1: Create an online application on the UIR CANDIDATURE MASTERS platform
    • Step 2: Fill in the personal & academic information’s
    • Step 3: Select the master programmes you wish to join (3 maximum)
    • Step 4: Download documents related to the application
    • Step 5: Pay the application fees
    • Step 6: Set for the admission tests


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