Word of the Associate Dean for Faculty and Accreditations

Our faculty members are distinguished by their internationalization, their diversity, and a variety of backgrounds and experiences in both the academic and professional environments. In line with the mission of the School, this enrichment is passed on to our students through innovative teaching methods that enable them to actively participate in their learning as part of an active learning-oriented pedagogy.

RBS faculty are committed to offering an excellent learning experience, shaping our students into responsible and multicultural leaders of tomorrow. The commitment of our faculty members has contributed to the School obtaining the AACSB accreditation in 2020 and to being the only business School in Africa listed in the FT 100 (Financial Times). 

We are happy you are joining us on our journey to become the World Reference for Business Schools in Africa.

Nacef MOURI, PhD

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Department of Marketing &

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Department of Finance & Quantitative Methods

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Department of Human Resources &
Organizational Behavior

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Department of Supply Chain Management &
Information Systems

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