Social Projects

Civic engagement and Reciprocity Project Module

Students in IPM 1 (first year International Program in Management) must complete a compulsory module equivalent to 3 ETS credits. In the autumn session, this is a theoretical course covering the basics of associative work in Morocco, the laws governing civil society and an introduction to project management. In the spring session, this module becomes field work in the form of a group project with an association or cooperative in various fields: education, health, childhood, environment, entrepreneurship, SDGs, etc.

RBS Social Week

Every year, Rabat Business School organizes “RBS Social Week”; for one week, the doors of RBS are open to cooperatives, associations, and various donors to meet and discuss current developments in the field of development and the various themes concerning civil society and social impact. It’s an opportunity to forge partnerships and broaden portfolios and networks. The week concludes with a humanitarian trip to bring the donations collected over several months to a vulnerable and needy population.

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